720 E. New Haven Avenue, Suite 3, Melbourne, FL 32901
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The Intergroup Office has now resumed our regular schedule:
Monday thru Friday, 9am-4:30pm.

Group orders can be emailed to the office at
and picked-up anytime during business hours

Group payments and contributions can be mailed to the office

Brevard Intergroup, Inc. 720 E New Haven Ave., Suite 3 Melbourne, FL 32901

Holiday Schedule

Phone: 321-724-2247 or 633-0052 Fax: 321-724-8574

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The Intergroup Office stocks AA and Grapevine books and literature, conference-approved and otherwise, along with a wide assortment of recovery-related items for the convenience of both groups and individuals.  We also house a collection of newsletters/flyers covering recovery-related events from far and near along with a lending library of video and audio tapes.  An assortment of AA birthday cards, jewelry, mugs, and a nice variety of other program related items are in stock.  Stop by and take a look.

The Office functions as a clearinghouse for District service workers: assisting AAs with Special Needs and Accessibility requirements, passing along Public Information requests, providing pamphlets for Cooperation with Professionals, making one-to-one connections for Treatment’s “Bridge the Gap” program, collecting used Grapevine magazines for Corrections to take to local inmates or displaying Archive materials in a corner cabinet. On any given day, the Office serves as a visitor center for out-of-towners, a starting point for newcomers or fills an order for group supplies ~ making a total of 2,400 visitors to the office last year alone. The coffee pot is almost always on. Stop by!



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Q: Why do I need to pay sales tax if we are a non-profit outfit?
Doesn't that make us tax-exempt?
 A: Yes, we are tax-exempt, however the State of Florida requires that the buyer, not the seller be the exempt entity.
If you have an tax exemption certificate, we'd be delighted to forgo charging sales tax on anything you purchase. is sponsored soley by
720 E. New Haven Avenue, Suite 3, Melbourne, FL 32901
 24/7 Hotlines: 321-724-2247 (South County) or 633-0052 (North County)
Office Hours: 9am – 4:30pm weekdays
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